The Mabuhay Singers, the Philippines’ Ambassadors of Culture through music, are one of the pioneers of the Kundiman genre. Formed in 1958, the group’s unwavering passion has kept the Kundiman flame burning. This advocacy has led to the Mabuhay Singers 2010 and beyond with a continuous stream of projects aimed solely to preserve this rich cultural heritage of music in Kundiman...

The new album recording, ‘PATULOY sa PAG-AWIT” is a testament as well as an experiment on giving Kundiman a progressive sound.  It’s the Mabuhay Singers rendering the OPM Hits with their signature sound. "PATULOY sa PAG-AWIT" will be released mid-April 2010 under PolyEast Records.

 This early, be a part of the Patuloy sa Pag-Awit Cultural and Musical Caravan!  The Mabuhay Singers will be on a musical journey presenting Filipino culture through Kundiman.  Email or text/call +63-922-8380624 for booking and other details. For USA and CANADA call/leave a message (415)935-8869. 





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